Fascinating Old Cebu

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Cebu is a place interesting for both its history, culture and its hardworking, skilled, talented and resilient people.  And what could be more fascinating than to see in pictures its past captured in the lens. The invention of the camera had paved the way for the new generations to have a glimpse of how the old Cebu and the life of the Cebuano looks like.

We are so grateful for the people who took pictures of the Old  Cebu as well as the people who took good care of these pictures to share in the new generation of Cebuanos. With all the fast paced development our city and province had for the past decades, we are nevertheless thankful for the old Cebuanos who laid down the groundworks and paved the way for all of these developments to happen.  Let me share these different published pictures coming from different sources. We…

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Fascinating Old Cebu

Cebu is a place interesting for both its history, culture and its hardworking, skilled, talented and resilient people.  And what could be more fascinating than to see in pictures its past captured in the lens. The invention of the camera had paved the way for the new generations to have a glimpse of how the old Cebu and the life of the Cebuano looks like.

We are so grateful for the people who took pictures of the Old  Cebu as well as the people who took good care of these pictures to share in the new generation of Cebuanos. With all the fast paced development our city and province had for the past decades, we are nevertheless thankful for the old Cebuanos who laid down the groundworks and paved the way for all of these developments to happen.  Let me share these different published pictures coming from different sources. We dot our hats to them..These different old pictures of the structures, streets, transportation, schools, churches, plazas and people date back from 1900’s to 1970’s.  Please take time to scan the pictures.

Marco Polo Parkview Residences: The Queen City’s Ultimate Discovery of a Life Time

Federal Land Inc. sequel to the highly successful two tower high rise real estate  project, ” The Residences” is a highly prestigious, well planned -luxury development within the Marco Polo Hotel complex dubbed as the “Marco Polo Parkview Residences. The Marco Polo Parkview Residences is poised to become the Queen City’s ultimate discovery of a life time. This new project of Federal Land, Inc., the real estate arm of the Metrobank Group headed by Mr. George Ty will be soon unveiled and be made available for its prospective residents. It will also soon claim as the rightful gem of the south within the picturesque view of the Nivel Hills overlooking the whole stretch of  the city of Cebu, Mandaue and the Island of Mactan.

Marco Polo Parkview will be the third tower of in the FLI owned Marco Polo Hotel ( formerly Cebu Plaza Hotel) complex nestled at the Nivel Hills, Cebu. The 28 storey tower is slated to house both indoor and outdoor amenities designed by the  Chicago based Getty’s Group while landscape will be designed by the famous EA Aurelio Landscape Architects.

The new project is positioned as a five star luxury development where tenants are treated like hotel guests. It will be managed by the world renowned Marco Polo Hotel group. The tower will stand about 90 meters from the ground, with a 3.2 meters floor to ceiling height which is unparalleled in the current residential condominium development in the city aside from a maximized natural lighting and ventilation.

The project is a testament to the Federal Land, Inc. and the Metrobank Groups trust in the continuously contracting condominium market in Metro Cebu. The  more than P/1  Billion project development budget is considered a major investment of FLI from among its many projects in both Metro Manila and Cebu.  The company will also  soon develop a resort complex in the Island of Mactan.

The Marco Polo Residences is the first of its kind in the Queen City of the South which will soon grace its fast growing skyline. It is the first high-rise luxury enclave in the city with an unimpeded view of the skyline. It will soon be a  great source of pride of every Cebuano.

Cebu Earthquake: My Experience and Analysis

T’was my first time to experience a strong earthquake in Cebu. According to the news the earthquake last Feb. 6, 2012 was so far the strongest in years with some parts of the Cebu province registering more than 6.0 while the Metro itself registered more than 5.0 magnitude. During the big one at about 12 noon, I just came from the shower and was on my way to change when the earthquake strike. At first, i could not figure it out as i was left on a standstill and staring at our rooftop thinking there was a helicopter going around then took a glance at the ceiling fan but realized it was not actually working. Then i felt things moving, the ceiling fan, our bookshelves and aquarium is now swaying. It was then that i closely figured out that it is an earthquake and it was strong. But i was glued to where i stand and I couldnt even move.  It came about less than a minute and i run outside where i have seen my neighbors.

There were a hundred more aftershocks experienced but the strongest was felt at about 8pm, when I was at the office this time and could feel the building’s dizzying sways which lasted for about 10-15 seconds.  Until of this writing, aftershocks of smaller magnitude could still be felt, in fact PHIVOLCS had already recorded more than 900.

The most appalling experienced i have in this earthquake is not the quake itself but the supposed Tsunami scare. At around  1pm, i was rushing to the office since i have a visitor waiting for me to find out that the office is almost deserted as all people came rushing down which include my visitor.. lol. My presence in the office become some sort of emotionally stabilizing factor as i have alleviated the fears of my staff. I told them that we should not be afraid of the earthquake because we are protected by the God and that the structure we are in is strong enough to withstand an earthquake.  While the rest of the offices are closed we made our normal business while checking on the development from the outside through facebook. I chatted with friends who reported that people in the city are already in quandary since somebody reported for a tsunami coming. I am not the cynic type as i maintained composure and even laugh at it since i certainly know that its a joke. But i was disturbed by a commotion outside although our office is located at the fourth floor of the office I decided to peek into the glass window  and was surprised to see people running and cars going making U turns.  I knew that the prank had already reached Mandaue. It was actually a heyday for pranksters who toyed on the naive people whose minds were engulfed by the horrible visuals of the South Asia and Japan tsunami experience.

While I am not concerned of anything, It was then that I realized my children is at school. Me and my wife rushed to the school to pick up our children just to ensure of their safety. All the school children are assembled in the vast school ground reciting the Holy Rosary. It was then that I wonder whether the school has an existing Disaster Preparedness Plan for the thousands  of student under their care when a major disaster strike happens. We picked them up and took them to our house then we both came back to the office until the second big one came.

The earthquake which epicenter is located in the Tayasan, Negros Occidental with the strongest magnitude of 6.9 in the richter scale did not inflict damage neither deaths in Cebu, though there were infrastructure damages recorded in Negros Oriental province and some deaths.

It was a strong earthquake that did not inflict so much damage to our city, thanks to God. Praise Sto. Nino who continues to protect the Cebuano people since time immemorial.  However, there were alot of eye openers during the period. Perhaps, God want us to be aware and warn us that we are taking so much time of things but does not mind preparation on natural calamities to happen.

In a hindsight, there were positive things the Earthquake and Tsunami Mass Hysteria brought to Cebu. It actually exposes the lack of the local government’s preparedness on the earthquake disaster and the management of this disaster. There should be already a protocol in place for all government offices, personnel, local police and military during and after a disaster… or widely known as disaster preparedness plan.. or if there are already, then we could say there is a lack or total failure in the actual implementation.

I would cite the best example are the schools which i think clueless of what to do on the  thousand of school children in times like an earthquake and tsunami occurs. Would it be safe to assemble them inside the school and let the School Disaster Preparedness plan handle things or let them go on their own… But the question is, does the school have this Disaster Preparedness Plan or of they have would it be sufficient and effective considering the thousands of students. I really doubt. I am bringing this up because for sure, when an earthquake followed by a tsunami will hit during office hours, parents wont have enough time to save their children at schools, they will be left on saving their own selves.. I cant imagine the catastrophe.

And now its clear that the best thing that happened yesterday is that it exposes, that our city and province with all the political talks, bickerings and bruhahaha are actually unprepared for a disaster especially in a major earthquake and worse a tsunami.

Personally, i am confident that the City is insulated from a major tsunami like what happened in South Asia and Japan and i also believe that Sr. Sto. Nino will spare Cebu from any major destruction caused by this natural disasters… But, there will be no harm and it would be to the best of interest of everybody that we shall all be prepared.

And i believe the NDRRM shall spearhead a widespread campaign for preparation on all types of forthcoming disaster. All institutions, private and public corporations, organizations, neighborhood shall be tasked to formulate Disaster Preparedness and Management Plans to somehow mitigate casualties and prevent the widespread loss of lives in the process.



Cebu by the Eagles Eye

Cebu.. An Island of the Pacific is the Philippine’s second most important Metropolitan City with more than 4 million in total population. Its elongated shape island comprised of nine cities and almost forty municipalities reflects the epitome of perfect mix of business, leisure, entertainment, shopping or just simply enjoying a laid back island life lifestyle.

The Metro is the bastion of humming business activities across industries. The vibrant economy of the city is being complimented by thriving tourism which forms part as the nucleus of its growth, the hardworking people and the aggressive entrepreneurs who are not scared to put their money where they see the potential worth is.

Cebu from the Eagles Eye sees the beauty and vibrancy of  a Metropolitan Cebu from the lens of Mr. Carlito Felicin.. a budding photographer and Cebu enthusiast.. His dramatic capture of the beauty of Cebu is worth sharing…

Special thanks to Mr. Lindo Gigante for letting me share these pictures of Mr. Carlito Felicin through my blog.. I salute you sirs for your passion in photography and capture the beauty of Cebu through you lens.. More Power to you..

Mabolo Garden Flats : Fullfilling Dreams North of Cebu City

Recent developments in the Cebu would make all of us Cebuano’s stand proud. Blessed with a robust economy founded on the four strong industries, the manufacturing/export, bpo, tourism and real estate, Cebu could never ask for more as we have gained prominence generally attributed to its hardworking and enterprising people. And because of this, Cebuanos continue to excel and be more competitive not just locally but globally. In any areas of the city especially the new business districts, Cebu Park District, Cebu IT Park, the Uptown Business District, the Downtown, SRP and the North Reclamation where currently it is teeming with various construction progress. And now, the northern barangay of Cebu, Mabolo is now readily positioned to host a new kind of progress especially on the highrise residential sector.

Primary Homes, Inc. a homegrown, selfmade contractor and real estate developer had been in the forefront of  the real estate industry boom with projects such as La Guardia Flats 1 and 2, Avalon, East Aurora Tower, Woodcrest Residences and many more, it had established itself as one of Cebu’s well respected industry player who are not afraid to go tit for tat with Manila based  developersand even global players. And now,  Primary Homes, Inc. is proud to introduce its newest development in this part of the City dubbed as


The newest tower is a 30 storey economic residential condo with more than 428 units  located at the No. 48 Tres Borces Padres St. Mabolo, Cebu. It is minutes away from both the Ayala Center Cebu and SM City Cebu. “Mabolo Garden Flats” will offer an affordable residential units from studio to one bedroom units targetting the middle market especially young urban professionals.

With its scheduled delivery on 2014… Mabolo Garden Flats would soon grace the skyline in Mabolo, complementing the skyline of both the Cebu IT Park and Cebu Business District..

“City Soho” : A New Addition to Cebu’s ever growing Skyline

As they say, “Cebu never fails to Amaze”.. certainly because Cebu is simply amazing!!!! And with its continued booming real estate industry comes another project of the Cebu based Golden Peach Properties, Inc. dubbed as the ” City Soho”.

City Soho is designed within the concept of Small Office, Home Office. This new concept gaining popularity in Manila is a fusion of both office and home right in your own lifestyle condominium living. The “City Soho” is a 30 storey edifice with a commercial enclave in its mezzanine floors located in the busy B. Rodriquez St., near Fuente Osmena, Cebu City. The project designed by TVA Partners Architects  is a sequel of Golden Peach Properties highly successful “One Pavilion Mall and Condo Project” located in Guadalupe., Cebu City.

The “City Soho” project will house a mall with supermarket, plenty of car parking’s, and condominium units (Condo-Hotel & or Condo-Residential). The first few floors are ideal for Small Office Home Office (SOHO) for Business Office, Doctors Clinics, Dental Clinics, Law Firms, BPO offices, Medical Laboratories, and many more. As saying goes “Why Rent, If You Can Own” “Small Down-Payment and Balance is under the Rent to Own Program”.

The location of City Soho is ideal as a very good investment as well as offering an ideal living opportunities considering its location which is a good value proposition.

Goldpeach Properties, Inc. is a newly established entity under the Cebu based Gaisano Capital Group. It will be its second foray into the lucrative high rise residential condominium business, but there’s still more project in the pipeline which would not just amaze but truly makes all Cebuano’s proud.

City Soho Perspective

“City Soho” prides of being located right smack into the heart of the uptown Cebu area where everything such as church, hospitals,clinics,  entertainment centers, restaurants and food outlets, government offices, malls, commercial establishments etc., is just within a walking distance.

As a Skyscraper enthusiast, I certainly welcome this new and exciting development in our beloved Cebu, especially that this is another development of a future true blooded Cebuano…

Harold’s Hotel Review

Harold’s Hotel is one of the newest Business Class hotel to open in the Queen City of the South. It has a sleek and classy architectural design reminiscent of Spanish-American  era building structures. This 13 storey edifice prides itself as the  friendliest business class hotel in town with rates within the range and services at par with five star hotel. It’s amenities includes a Board Room for short meetings, a large and high ceiling Emerald Room for functions, a Business Center, a Fitness Center and a bar overlooking the entire Cebu City, where you can see the breath taking Cebu city skyline by night and day. The hotel just opened its doors for business last January 2011 and it had already been experiencing full capacity everyday. It also have  a functional  and user friendly website where guests can inquire available rooms in real time and at the same book and pay online.

Our Company, Infovision Research Systems was able to hold a seminar in Harolds Hotel for a day. We were accommodated in the Roof Deck area where the bar and the Board Room is located, which can be reconfigured to accommodate for meeting, seminars, forums for at most 50 people.

Our experience with the Hotel as far as we are concerned is Excellent. From day one of our negotiations with its very dynamic marketing associate named  Xenia was exciting. The fact that they treated us like we really don’t expect it as we are still shopping for a better deal with existing hotels for our seminar venue. From that day on, we didn’t hesitate to close the deal as we are convinced that the rate being offered to us reasonable while checking on the site, we are convinced that the venue is the best location which our future participants could be gain the required knowledge and at the same time be comfortable with.

On the day of the Seminar, i can personally rate the hotels services as very satisfactory, sanitation and cleanliness as very satisfactory, food and presentation is very satisfactory, pricing as very satisfactory ( commensurate to its status as a Business Class hotel), staff is very accommodating and helpful. Over-all, i am rating Harolds Hotel in my personal view  as Very Satisfactory to Excellent.

The hotel has more or less 145 rooms, 90 of these are classified as guest rooms, 36 as Superior rooms while the rest are Deluxe rooms. Though i haven’t experienced staying in the hotel, although i have the privilege to stay its for a night, i have heard quiet a good number of impressive reviews from its satisfied clients. Owned by the Cebu based, GPH Properties, the hotel in terms of services, accommodation and amenities can be even mistaken as an internationally managed.

I am personally congratulating the staff and management of the Harolds Hotel for being  truly imbuing the Cebuano hospitality spirit in its operational dynamics. This only shows that the hotel need not be International to experience an international standard accommodation and services.

Recommendation :  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Birch Residences Cebu

Introducing the newest skyscraper to grace Cebu’s Skyline soon!!! The Birch Residences Cebu !!!

The Birch Residences Cebu is a sequel of the Mirobeni Holdings Inc. high rise residential project dubbed as the Birch Tower in Malate, Manila. The Birch Residences Cebu will have 53-55 level from the ground including the mezzanine lounge, the 10 level parking, 40 units of residential floors, amenity areas such as pool, open space, 2 penthouse units and one floor for mechanical floor. BRC will be a similar development with the Birch Tower in Manila with more or less 10 units per floor density, a wide aisle space using granite tiles and a floor to ceiling height of 3.7 meters. BRC will be located in a company owned property located in Ranudo St., Ramos, Cebu City. It is just infront of the Casino Espanol Club.

The Businessman in Me…

When i was younger it had been innate on me to try to find ways to earn. I remember that when i was in grade one, i tried to sell some condiments which i bought from a store then sell it to my classmates and it was sold out in half a day yet. It was then that i experienced the joy of earning something on my own. The next day, i bought another condiments to sell and so on, which made me start to realize that i am meant to become a businessman.

Literally, i grew up experiencing the hardships of making money not necessarily for a living but just to earn something to be able to help in the family. I have experienced selling, ice candy, peanuts & candies, ice drop, rags etc. in the busy highways of DAS, Toledo City as well as in school. I earn either through commission from the owners of the merchandise I sell in the streets and at school, although sometimes I earn big but sometimes I lost. These experiences nurtured me in the value of money and moulding my own business philosophy.

Because I grow up on my own especially during college, I was penniless and so poor I couldn’t afford even to buy lunch neither to pay for my fare, thus, I usually walk to school and back home. This is because, my parents migrated to Mindanao and me being a scholar was left alone to tend for myself. At a very young age of 16, I struggled to find my place in the world.

To sustain, I found a parttime job in various branches of Jollibee and would do jobs for my classmates for a fee. After college, the struggle did not end since we have to face the realities of life and like any other people I need to look for a job. I have landed to several jobs as short as a month and as long as a year but the passion to have my own business was augmented through these job experiences.

When the time to get married occurs, my dream of becoming a businessman was set aside temporarily. I am now convinced that I couldn’t be like I wanted to be in the near future due to the so many lacks although I still believed that I would still someday become one. However, I did some selling whenever there is an opportunity, like we sold dry goods to our fellow employees for credit. My wife, realizing the passion I have is very supportive on me. We even tried to engage in Lending, Vegetable selling and putting up a Sari-Sari Store in our house to augment our income due to our growing family.

An opportunity came when our canteen in the building which we hold office was vacated by the previous occupant. Armed with zeal, lots of determination, passion and excitement, I pooled my available resources to start the food business immediately. It was this vehicle that I can assume I have started to become a businessman.

BUt, it was not until the INFOVISION RESEARCH SYSTEMS was officially born last Aug. 2004 that I became a full pledged business person.